Shingle Church

This lovely church at Pohjanranta was built during the spring of 2010. It resembles churches that were built during the 13th hundred century. It has been built using shingles. Although the building is called a church it can be used for various activities such as weddings, concerts and exhibitions. The church is an ecumenical building. Bishop Samuel Salmi has blessed the church. 

A church built during the 12th hundred century in Valmariniemi, Keminmaa stands as an example for this building. Presumably, a similar church has been found in Southern Sweden called Södra Rådan Shingle Church. This church was destroyed only a few years ago. Pictures and measures from it have been used to help build our Shingle Church.

The Shingle church meets all the modern safety regulations. It’s acreage is about 110 square meters and it’s ceiling rises up to about six meters. The highest part of the top is in 12 meters. The church has been coated with tarshingles.

The Church’s golden altar painting ”Moses and the ten commandments” is designed and made by Juhani Palmu.

Open daily 8am-9pm.